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Deb Grieves

 My three-year-old son Frankie had an explosion of eczema all over his body following chickenpox. This cleared completely with homeopathic medicine. Just preschool, Gillian prescribed for Frankie's fear of toilets, He is happily well, independent and in full-time school, confident, kind, fun and happy. 

Barbara Dunn

Gillian treated my underactive thyroid gland as I did not want to take the thyroxine medication prescribed by my GP. My blood tests after 3 months showed within the normal range and I did not have to take artificial hormones. My overall health and wellbeing as well as my energy improved greatly and remained stable. 

Dianne Roesche

Thyroid - I experienced sudden alarming "rocking palpitations" after which my GP prescribed my Levothyroxine. I was not happy to go down a lifetime of a drug that would affect my ability to recover naturally. Gillian prescribed homeopathic medicine for me. My energy and hormone levels were balanced. Very grateful to find her. 

Vladamire McTrusty

 ​My one-year-old baby girl had developed chronic eczema at 4 months I used to cry every day! Homeopathic medicine started to ease the symptoms straight away and my daughter's skin was managed over 4 months, My little girl went from strength to strength. Even when she got chickenpox and a flare-up homeopathy healed. I love homeopathy, it always works.

Jodie King

My 4 month old developed eczema all over his body and face, his face was particularly bad with weeping sores and cuts where he's managed to get to it.  All doctors could offer, antibiotic creams, emollients, steroid creams, soap replacements, paraffin based creams over the counter and prescribed.

The steroid creams were a short term fix and could not be used on the face for a prolonged period so we looked to alternatives. we looked to fix from the inside out.

I'm so pleased to say that from Gills treatment it has fully disappeared, he sleeps through the night and I'm now able to take him swimming!

We cannot thank you enough!