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Whats going on with my Hormones?

Hannah came to me as a result of an offer of mine for a free trial. She was 26.

She had her FMP at 12. Always heavy and lengthy, she was put on the contraceptive pill at 16 to ease the symptoms.

At 19 she had a course of Roaccutane for cystic acne which helped but left scarring and the skin was still problematic. Her weight was gradually increasing. 5" 4" she weighed 13 and a half stone.

Hannah stayed on the pill for several years without a break and when she came off she rarely got a period. When she did it was often related to a recent grief or anxiety in her life. She had roughly three periods a year in three years of varying length; usually painful and heavy.

Hannah was hoping to be married the following year and wanted to improve her health all round as she eventually wanted a baby.

Depression and anxiety were a prominent feature as well as IBS but she took the bull by the horns and adopted a diet and weight loss regime.

Hannahs Prescription
  • Aristoclea Clematis Powders x 4 One weekly X 4 WEEKS

  • Agnus Castus herbal tincture (drops) daily (not on a period)

  • Folliculinum 200 1 x pill monthly

  • B vitamins. C/E/D Omega 3

At follow up Hannah was upset her skin symptoms had reappeared which was distressing for her.

Homeopathic Medicines (Remedies)

  • Thuja 200 weekly

  • Sepia 6 at bedtime

  • Pulsatilla 12 waking

  • Ooperhinum 30 (Ovarian extract) daily for 7 days

  • Testosterone 6c daily for 3 weeks

  • Vitamin supplements and Agnus Castus continued..

Hannah called me after 2 months of treatment to explain she had decided to stop taking remedies as her "head was all over the place."

One of the reasons for this was that she was already pregnant! Somehow, even with such a short course of homeopathy herbs and supplements, she had conceived after three years on no contraception and very rarely, a period.

Homeopathic prescriptions need to be tailored to you and the current problems. Hannah hit diet and exercise smoothly and sensibly, and this plus the remedies, triggered her wellness in order to be healthy enough for conception.. naturally.. a nice ending and a new start.

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