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Natural Fertility

Is your body healthy enough to conceive?

Its a large scale problem with few natural answers. Homeopathic medicine has a lot! The main issues in being slow to conceive are hormones out of kilter which affect ovulation, longstanding related health problems such as PCOS and Endometriosis, tubal problems or defects, fibroids, weight (diet or thyroid possibly,) drug layers toxicity, adrenal exhaustion (stress/emotional issues.) There is often issues in men too! Poor sperm motility and morphology can be helped with natural medicine and sometimes herbal products while homeopathy works away underneath. When the man is labelled as a potential culprit people often think that it had poor odds. However its much more common and quick to treat then commonly believed.

As part of the homeopathic fertility programme ..

Sepia 6c one dose day and night. Its given as a lesional remedy for structural damage and increases oestrogen and progesterone naturally, prevents miscarriage, increases all energy and strengthens endometrial tissue! That's just one remedy as part of the programme. Imagine what a tailored prescription could do for you.

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