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Men Need to Be Fertile Too!


Sperm Count/Motility/Morphology/Diet/Stress/Lifestyle.


Its now considered 60% of men contribute to fertility problems, often alongside a fertility issue with his female partner. Fertility tests show semen analysis as sperm count or concentration per millilitre. Over 15 million sperm per ml (Who 2010) is considered normal. Today the average sperm count is 60 million per ml in the Western world, having decreased by 1-2% per year from a decade ago.

Many men in the western world do not view diet and nutrition as a key element to having kids or even improving the actual odds of fertilisation. Conventional medicine does not have much to offer after a sperm test shows major or minor problems besides suggesting supplements. Often the response is to up the hormone treatment for the women to increase the odds!

Homeopathic medicine via the consultation can offer excellent nutritional advice and this along with a good case analysis AND HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES can help massively. It is certainly important to be able to understand what can be the cause of the fertility issues and how to begin to rectify them.


Sperm count we have touched on, volume that is low may be due to partial or complete blockage of seminal vessels, (fructose level..) Then there is. pH, high white blood cells (infection?.)

Morphology (shape and structure = 4% or more normal.)

Motility shows good forward movement, similar to the quality of the sperm. Not all sperm is good quality and an average of 50-60% of observed sperm with good quality is considered normal by conventional medicine. Good morphology is required in IVF for fertilising oocytes.

A man can have high total sperm count but bad quality as few as to few are motile!


  • Ask all patients at the first consultation to to go to the GP and ask

  • For a sperm test. (Many already have.)

  • Do another one 4 months after the first. (It takes about this time for new sperm to mature!)

  • We are what we eat and drink and smoke! Diet is a significant factor!

Poor sperm quality is the primary cause of male fertility problems. Men need 50/60 million per ml and a motility rate of over 50% is a good aim (excuse the pun!)

Essential fats make about 85% of the sperm mass/Zinc about 15%.

15 mg of zinc supplementation, 100 mg fish oil with 1000 mg vegetable oil and 1000 mg vitamin C has been shown to significantly improve sperm quality. SUPPLEMENTS are not a better substitute for better diet and lifestyle. I will often ask people to improve their diet .. over-hall it! Go for veg and fruit, ideally organic, lots of fatty fish, nuts and seeds, (pumpkin sesame sunflower flaxseed..) unrefined vegetable oil. Good zinc sources are wholemeal and rye bread, oysters, green peppers, potatoes, eggs apples and chicken.

Often this with plenty of good quality water is enough dietary advice for patients, although someone on chronic medications or a heavy drinker or smoker may need extra supplements; B vitamins, or multi vitamins to assist absorption of the zinc and good fats. Reduce at the same time nutrient robbers; refined foods; sugars;coffee; tea; alcohol. Overall, supplementation while the patient moves towards healthier food choice is a great thing.


I will prescribe on what I see as your current emotional and/or even physical remedy requirement(s) which I establish during the the case consultation where I ask a series of questions to allow you to express existing emotional issues that impact on your life as a male. There may be reduced sex drive due to stress/age/pressure of the fertility journey. Homeopathy can really help here as the remedies work on your constitution and your libido.

There are also a series of Homeopathic combination formulas (and herbs) that include Zinc and Selenium for assisting recovery of a healthy sperm count. These work more at tissue level so restoring a more resilient integrity to a minor or major fertility diagnosis eg sperm motility/morphology/count/volume/sex drive.

The male hormonal system is usually more resilient to stress than the female.Modern life has its complications though! Although depression and long-term chronic stress is less likely to impact on male fertility.. it still does. Let me hear your story and help. It takes two to conceive a child and you may have been issued a scary label. Fear not, it happens to 60% of men these days. You are certainly not a freak.


  • Agnus Castus. Desire without power. Poor memory. Regrets past mistakes. Supports pituitary gland.

  • Carcinocin. Increased sex drive. Difficult erections/troublesome.. etc

  • Mercury Solubilis. Mercury toxicity. Made from quick silver..

  • Multi vitamins and minerals.

  • Phos Ac. Apathy/indifference. Loss of desire. Erections/no desire. Impotence/premature ejaculation Guilt.

  • Lycopodium. Chronic impotence. Repulsed by sex. Lacks confidence but is egotistical and angered and worse at home with family.

  • X-ray. Lewd dreams. Lost desire for sex. Suppressed gonorrhoea/sycosis. Sterility.

  • Selenium. Thoughts for sex. No Ability. Weak/irritable after sex. Easy fatigue. Hair loss. Averse to company of friends. Forgetful. Semen loss while sleeping etc.

Other Suggestions.

Caladium Calc carb. Calc Sulph. China. Medorrhinum. Phosphorus. Nux Vomica. Sepia.