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Fertility and Period Pain

Dysmenorrhea/Painful periods!

Period pain for some women is mild but for some it is severe. Young girls often suffer badly from puberty to early 20s.

These girls can have nausea, vomitting, fainting, backache and sometimes diarrhoea from coping with intense pain. They can be sweating and white faced with agony. They will also have missed days off school each month. Taking painkillers which may not completely resolve, become the norm and place stress on the liver and kidneys. Unfortunately by the early 20s they will have often been put on the pill or similar to try to control these painful periods and/or prescribed painkillers. This often masks the original symptoms and does not treat the underlying emotional and physical root causes(s), swamping natural healing and hormone balancing potential which could have better addressed in a more natural way perhaps years previously.

Pain for women can be totally overwhelming causing them to to be almost bedridden for 2/3 days each month. Pains can be sudden, spasmodic, colicky with intense cramps.


Vibernum Opulus/CRAMP BARK

I use a few herbs along with homeopathy as these work remarkably while homeopathic medicine gets to the root cause(s.) Younger women are best off with capsule form as they often complain that the taste is bitter. It clears the immediate acute and alleviates pelvic congestion. Its really brilliant here. After a month or so there are much less painkillers used reducing to zero.The tincture 5ml 4 times daily for a couple of days a month. With capsules suggest 2 x capsules 3/4 times daily also for the couple of days the pains are intolerable and you reach for the NSAIDs. Its made from the bark of the Cranberry bush.

This herb may also be taken along with Agnus Castus to assist hormone balance.

Cramp Bark will allow you to reduce the painkillers. Homeopathic medicine gets to work on relieving the cause of the symptoms.


  1. DIOSCOREA (Wild Yam)

Period pain which is better for bending backwards and stretching and worse on doubling up. Violent period pain radiating from the uterus. Can have cramps in fingers and toes as pains radiate from the uterus.

2. XANTHOXYLUM (Prickly Ash)

Violent and agonising, grinding period pain. Not made better for any position. Ovarian neuralgia with pain in hips and lower abdomen. Pains go to thighs or radiate all over body. Periods too early and too profuse, stringy/bitty/clotty flow. Severe pain in back. Nausea/vomitting.

3. HELONIAS (Veratrum luteum. False Unicorn Root)

Uterine tonic. Consciousness of womb/aware of uterus. Heavy dragging feeling. Extremely gloomy/melancholic. Pain in back. Fels tired and week. Irritable and finds fault with everyone. Constant aching and tenderness over kidneys.

These are just a few of examples of what the underlying remedy may be on a deeper and more permanent level than the constant use of herbs. Herbs are briliant but I am trying to completely resolve the symptoms with homeopathic medicines.



(It is in taking the complete symptoms emotionally AND physically of your case that I can begin to see what to do.) Lycopodium (Club Moss) is amazing for women who have lost self-confidence and are timid about starting new things. They often wake sad, angry, anxious which makes them respond in a domineering way at home; wheras outside the home they can be diplomatic defying their feelings of fear and anxiety in coping in general. They can be rather fault finding and suspicious. They are melancholic and afraid to be alone. Very sensitive.

There is a desire for sweet things. Generally there is a confusion over daily affairs that makes them miserable and forlorn.

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