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Clomid, or Natural Oestrone/Folliculinum?

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Many of the fertility issues I am treating at present are caused by ovulation problems; the monthly release of an egg. Some women are not releasing an egg at all and others are having egg release in some cycles but not others. Its difficult to conceive when a women's cycle is irregular and impossible if she shows no signs of ovulating at all.


An oral medication, that can be used to stimulate ovulation. The problem is that it has side-effects, such as bloating and/or pain or discomfort on intercourse because the ovaries are artificially stimulated. You may experience hot flashes, mood swings and sleep disturbance. An important consideration is that is is not guaranteed to work anyway. Its a generic application for a widespread problem.


Enlarged ovaries with multiple follicles.(Hyperstimulation and rare). Severe pain or marked swelling of the abdomen should prompt you to see your doctor.

Chance of multiple ovulation (6-8%) increased risk of twins.

Visual changes, (rare), reversible hair thinning, dizziness, hives.

Not used for women with large ovarian cysts or liver issues.

Its also a one size fits many choice from the pharmaceutical company as there are often multiple layers in your particular case that need closer consideration.



Made from oestrone, it is scientifically prepared in homeopathic laboratories. It is similar but not identical to human oestrone. The pill of course has its 45th birthday this year and was great for stopping unwanted pregnancy allowing us to be sexually accessible at all times with no fear of fertilisation; in fact it often ends our periods altogether.

There are no more eggs. When we are not fertile enough we are given artificial hormones in the form of fertility drugs to produce more eggs.

Folliculinum is the most amazing and natural way to get the ovaries going. It gently antidotes the suppression effect of the pill where it and and/other artificial hormonal contraception/drugs has blocked the ovaries from allowing an egg to be produced.

In this way it gently kick-starts you cycle. No side-effects or more hormones to treat hormonal imbalance!

Along with your full-case history this may be one of the natural homeopathic medicines I prescribe with your first prescription.

It addresses all sorts of cycle problems; too short, too long or none at all. Bloating, cystitis, acne on face, vaginal itching. Loves sweets and stodgy food (not good for weight loss!). Importantly as your ovaries heal, these problems resolve. What Folliculinum is doing is unblocking the negative effects of damaging chemical hormones naturally and gently without side-effects, in a highly positive way.

For women who have to go for IVF, I give Folliculinum 30 daily from implantation for 8 weeks during IVF to stimulate the ovaries once implantation has happened.

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