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Natural Fertility with Homeopathic Medicine

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

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What DO I DO?

Like all homeopathic practitioners I place equal importance on both physical and emotional well being, especially in the context of your personal story. I prescribe on these symptoms with natural homeopathic medicine tailored to your needs. It is a personal service and often not "one size to fit all."

This is one of the main differences between homeopathy and conventional treatment strategies, lending itself well to the complex nature of hormone related problems.

Balance Hormones with Natural Medicine.

Balancing hormones may start with a contraceptive pill detox (don't worry its quite a simple and gentle process) or an IVF detox, as these chemicals meddle with the endocrine system and even after many years cause sometimes silent secret havoc. I have found that women who have been on chemical contraception frequently steer towards a difficult labour.. those out of kilter hormones can be so so subtle ..

Detoxing the endocrine system will also facilitate a much gentler menopause, (yes we all do this stage too!)

Balancing hormones may also mean help with dietary advice. PCOS can be helped so much just by losing excess weight. There are several homeopathic medicines here too. Its hard, almost futile, to tell someone to STOP EATING without addressing the root cause be it emotional or physical or both. An under-active thyroid will make it more difficult to burn calories; it may be even that the thyroid problem is not picked up properly. Homeopathic medicine can address all these things. Endometriosis is a bit of a jungle although your body has an amazing healing ability and by acquiring healthier habits; with diet and exercise; homeopathic medicine will take the strain and the slack. So don't be thwarted by negative medical diagnosis, let us work together on all these layers, addressing one but maybe removing two at a time as your body responds to the triggers it needs for fertility health.

What I want for you (with boots)

Apart from the certainty that homeopathic medicine along with herbs and vitamins will boost your fertility by removing the blocks to the good health required for conception, you will also feel better, happier in yourself, less anxious, more empowered and in control. Now that's a good place to start; I always ask for patience for a few months while the monthly cycles re-establish healthily and ovulation can be acknowledged. Its is often not a quick fix but gradually over a few months or more depending on the level of health at entry into Homeopathic treatment you will get healthier to do what you were here for.. to conceive naturally.

I wish you every success on your fertility journey.

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Health and Fertility Wishes.