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This almost comprehensive programme was developed by homeopath Liz Lalor in the 1990s who discovered that homeopathic medicine had an amazing track record in its natural approach to both male and female fertility issues by supporting the body in creating the natural healthy conditions for conception without drugs or intervention. This simple method supports healthy ovulation, fertile mucus production and endometrial lining in females and increases sperm count and motility in men.


When it comes to difficulty in achieving that goal of conceiving, both partners should follow a natural approach to health and diet during pre-conception especially where fertility is slow, alongside homeopathy. Your baby is made from egg and sperm union! Healthy sperm production, as well as healthy ovulation, is required in order to get a healthy pregnancy and baby!


The Homeopathic Approach to Fertility


Your body holds the memory and imprint of all preceding conditions from physical and emotional injuries through to shock, past viral and bacterial infections, drug suppression and food intolerance to inherited weaknesses. These will all be recorded as part of the initial case-taking. 

The role of the prescribed remedies (also tailored to the individual!) is to assist the body in the process of healing and repairing at EVERY level, mental, emotional and PHYSICAL. There may be blocks to fertility such as diagnosed PCOS, Endometriosis etc. All this becomes the one and you and the case where the prescribing establishes change and balance for the good; gently and permanently. 


What to Expect


Treating you, the individual as that is what we all are, homeopathic medicine treats the entire person, mind, body, and soul. You should notice not only an improvement in your physical symptoms but overall your health and your mental wellbeing will become much better. You will experience less PMT, your period will be less painful and become more regular. 


How Long Will it Take?


Women are saying after a month their periods are less heavy and painful and their optimism is raised (this alone is good for fertility!). The time taken in the long run depends to an extent on the level of health you and or your partner had at the beginning. I ask for 4 - 6 months initial patience while you get to the stage of charting regularly. Your health will be better for pregnancy/birth/parenthood even if it takes longer. There is a higher success rate than with IVF although IVF may be the best way forward for some. Homeopathic medicines can help here too.



What Does Happen in a Consultation?


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