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AaaaAaaaaaaaaaBOUT ME



I studied at The London School of Homeopathy in Regents Park, to become a licensed practitioner from 2000-2004 and have undergone professional development ever since!  I started to treat my own clients after qualifying in 2004 treating a range of physical and emotional health issues across the board, from newborn babies and upwards.


I have recently chosen to niche in fertility as natural homeopathic medicine has such a wonderful track record, assisting women (and men) to the health level needed to be able to have healthy babies naturally without surgical intervention and heavy prescription drugs. A healthy body will do what it was set out to do; conceive!


I have always questioned lifestyle, food and environment and have always had sensitivity for what others may need to feel happier and more settled and freer in life. Basically, I want to help and get results; this is indeed possible especially backed by natural homeopathic medicine; tailored to the individual.


I first became interested in homeopathy when in my early twenties using over the counter remedies for a couple of inherited animals! The swift almost immediate response of a simple Pulsatilla 30c on a downhill decline in health in a cat with cat flu both intrigued me.


Much later, homeopathic medicine came to the rescue for my husband when we were in crisis! He had developed daily migraines from our crisis, was only allowed to take Ergotamine three days a week, so disappeared under a blanket for the other four days.  I sent him to a homeopath who gave him Tuberculinum in a liquid medicine. He was astonished when after three days and three doses all symptoms resolved. The head pain returned briefly eight years later, I fished the old bottle out of the medicine chest and he had one teaspoon. He has never had another migraine to this day, twenty years later.


Our son was who led me into training in 2000. After major surgery as a baby and a toddler, he exploded in eczema on his hands and his feet. Nothing was helping this distress, (anyone with a family member with chronic eczema will understand this). The only treatment offered via the GP and hospitals were steroid based, agony to apply and seemed to confuse the issue. In desperation, I looked for the alternative and found a wonderful homeopath willing to help. After 18 months all symptoms had cleared completely. I needed no further convincing of the efficacy and the power of this natural medicine.


am a registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, one of the main registering bodies in the UK. I am bound by their code of ethics, and I am insured to practice as a homeopath. It’s my intent to get you the results you so desperately need as soon as possible.